Esports Boston is multi-platform competitive eSports company based out of the Greater Boston area. Founded in February 2017, the scope of our platform competes under the brand Dramatik Gaming which includes League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Fortnite and Overwatch while exploring other opportunities within the gaming community. We currently have 40 players under eSports Boston across several platforms. eSports Boston is privately owned company founded in 2017 by Andrew Fiori, who is the Founder and President. He oversees the hiring and placement of all personnel, and is deeply invested in building a sustainable grassroots organization for the gaming youth of the Greater Boston area.  Esports Boston is seeking investors and sponsors to further the competitiveness of our organization, and to work with us to building the next great independent Esports franchise. Despite it’s relatively new status, Esports Boston is showing rapid organizational growth, and drawing interest from local gamers and community organizers alike.

professional mind set


Dramatik Gaming has historically competed in some of the most competitive leagues and tournaments over the past year. These tournaments and leagues enables us to provide our players a professional mindset and atmosphere.


About Us

Experience You Can Trust

​Esports Boston Corp brings over 15 years of management and sales experience to esports in Boston. Dramatik Gaming, Esports Boston Corp's competitive brand, boasts an expansive player roster that covers several of your favorite esport titles.


Provide players a unique experience that puts growth in a higher regard than wins and losses. We have an exceptional track record of player development and growth due to its sustainability and player retainment record.

Our Mission

01. Promote Competitive Esports in Boston

Boston has always boasted one of the most ardent video game player bases in the world and has been home to several gaming conventions and competitions over the years. Esports Boston aims to keep those traditions alive and well.


02. Provide players an environment conducive to growth 

Competitive gaming can be a very unforgiving world and can often be a deterrent to players wanting to compete. Dramatik Gaming, our competitive brand, provides an atmosphere that empowers players to be themselves and allows players to expand their play outside of their comfort zone. 


03. Prepare players for life after gaming 

Unlike traditional sports, retirement for players occur in their early to mid 20's. Esports Boston prides itself in preparing players for after game-over by connecting them with colleges and even internal opportunities to keep their dreams alive. Dramatik Gaming is proud to have 6 players who have received college scholarships to play their favorite game in college.